Commercial vehicle registrations increase again!

Commercial vehicle registrations increased again this month bringing a ray of light to many car and van dealers around the UK. Figures show that the demand for new commercial vehicles increased by 1.5% in June of this year, the comparison was drawn from figures relating to the same period from last year throughout the European Union.

Small and light commercial vehicles that weigh up to 3.5 tonnes saw total unit sales of 1,001,579 with an increase in all European countries except for Spain. With so many great vans and trucks on sale there is no better time to visit your local Ford Transit dealer and check out their full range of Ford Vans for Sale

The Ford Vans Drive to Fitness

A very interesting project is being undertaken and promoted by the Ford Motor Company in Ireland. The ‘Drive to Fitness’ campaign has been introduced to encourage people who use their vehicles for work regularly to change not only their eating habits but also get tips on exercising. The main two groups of people who are being targeted by the project are commercial van drivers and company car drivers. Ford have teamed up with the award winning nutritional therapist ‘Elsa Jones’ who has selected some great pointers not only on food and nutrition but also exercise.

Many drivers try to keep themselves alert by consuming large amounts of caffeine and sugary snacks, the effects of this being irregular blood sugar levels, which can lead to slumps in energy levels, sleepiness and even concentration loss. All of which you certainly don’t want to be getting during each working day.

A leaflet provided by Ford gives commercial vehicle owners such as Transit Van drivers many recommendations about what types of foods to eat. Split into specific meal types and snack suggestions it is bound to be a great help to many. Here are just some brief basic tips to help you eat more healthily taken from the campaign.


Slow release carbohydrates are by far the best choice, items such as Porridge, muesli and eggs are recommended to help keep energy levels stable.


If you are deciding upon getting a sandwich, making sure that it is a healthy option such as bread type and contains salad can improve your energy levels.

Even though this campaign has at present only been released within Ireland but we can be sure that Transit Van and Ford Transit Connect drivers within the UK will be seeing similar health awareness campaigns regarding commercial van drivers in the near future.

Bands in Ford Transits

Transit vans are by far the most popular commercial vehicle in the UK, not only are used Ford vans used by tradesmen such as builders and couriers but musicians too. Since its introduction in 1965 musicians and individuals involved within the music industry have been making full use of the Ford Transit Van’s power, versatility and performance. Nowadays, it is still a common sight to see a group of people unloading or loading a Ford Commercial van with musical equipment such as public address systems, amplifiers and guitars outside a pub or nightclub.

It’s no wonder that the vehicle that has become the backbone to the transportation of the entertainment industry has taken a step forward and had its role further brought into the spotlight. ‘Bands in Transit’ is a wonderful website that gives both upcoming and established musicians the opportunity to perform their tracks in the back of a Ford Transit. The commercial van sessions are recorded and streamed live via the ‘Bands in Transit’ website and then uploaded to YouTube for future viewing.

Most recently musicians and groups have been performing their songs in the back of the specially equipped van at ‘The Great Escape’ festival in Brighton.

A million pound van shopping spree!

I’m sure everyone knows how popular Ford vans are, especially the Ford Transit van which has won countless awards for its performance and value for money. It comes as no surprise that when companies decide upon which vehicles they want to be used in their fleets that Ford top that list time and time again.

The ESH group has recently joined the list of companies which have done just that! The group, who are the largest indigenous construction group in the North East of the UK, have recently revamped their fleet of vans and have invested in a large number of Ford commercial vehicles.

The acquisition which incorporated a total of eighty four new vans was part of a plan to revamp around 45% of the company’s commercial vehicles. The construction company invested in several different types of van and industrial vehicles including:

18 Ford Transits, short wheel based (econetic)

19 Ford Transits, long wheel based

17 Ford Fiestas (econetic)

As you can see thirty five of the new vehicles use the unique and ground breaking Ford econetic system. This system uses the latest technology to make the commercial van engines as fuel efficient as possible; these vehicles also help the environment by reducing CO2 emissions. It is thought that with current fuel prices that a saving of up to £29,000 per year can be gained, that’s almost a 25% reduction in running costs alone.

The energy efficient Ford Transit vans are also being fitted with devices known as speed restrictors which could further reduce annual running costs as well make the driving experience much safer.

Stress and your van

It’s a fact that driving can at times be very stressful, for many this only applies for a short part of the day but for those that spend most of their working hours in a van this can be very apparent. Picture yourself in a LWB Transit Van or a Connect Van on the road for many hours on end, there are bound to be things that you can do to reduce your stress levels with most being simple and quick to carry out.

Stay Clean

It is very easy to let your van get untidy; a clean van is a happy van I think the saying should go. It is especially true that smaller and cramped spaces are much harder to keep clean and with regards to van interiors this is no exception. It only takes a couple minutes to clean up any excess wrappers or other rubbish and the end result can make your journeys much more enjoyable and bearable.


Driving somewhere that you are not familiar with can be very stressful and with the help of a GPS device you can be sure that you can find your destination with the least amount of stress possible. Even if your usual daily driving patterns are familiar to you, should you be called to visit somewhere on the fly these electronic boxes of joy can help you keep your blood pressure down even on the busiest of routes.

Sitting position

It is very important that you keep yourself comfortable whilst driving especially on long journeys. There is a fine line between being relaxed and lying almost horizontal on the crew cab though.

Listen wisely

Music can be a great help or hindrance towards stress. Finding exactly what you enjoy and like to listen to can really help to keep you relaxed, be aware that driving to fast beats and heavy loud music can cause your blood pressure to rise at a very steady pace.

Mobile phone

As well as being illegal to answer your mobile phone device whilst driving, it is also a very high factor when it comes to stress levels. Allowing your phone to ring whilst driving gives you unnecessary stress and letting your phone go straight to answer phone until you are able to stop and respond to the query can indeed help blood pressure and stop stress building up.

What is Commercial van insurance?

If you run your own company then it is essential to make sure that you budget your expenses so that you only pay what is necessary. With this in mind Insurance is one of those costs that is very important for safety and peace of mind.

For a company that uses, for example, Ford commercial vans as a major part of their company it is important that they buy the correct insurance. There are many insurance companies that specialise in commercial van insurance and are all very competitive when it comes to rates and the features they provide with their policies.

When choosing your commercial van insurance it is important to weigh up the policy benefits and their advantages toward your own businesses needs. For example, some policies will include the contents of the van and can be very competitive when it comes to extra details such as that. A large factor in commercial van insurance is that more often than not you will have a replacement vehicle available should something happen to your van, this certainly gives your business a helping hand in an emergency.

Some things to keep an eye out for when buying commercial van insurance for your Transit Van should be;

Does the Van insurance include breakdown cover?

Does the policy allow you to drive other vehicles?

Does your insurance cover you in different countries?

Immediately checking these factors when deciding upon a company to take insurance with can show the benefits of one deal from another, especially when making a decision is so difficult with so much choice available.

The Transit van throughout the years

The Transit van has been the most popular and best selling light commercial vehicle in Europe for the past forty years. This popular panel van, manufactured by the Ford motor company has become such a household name and benchmark in commercial transportation that in some countries the term ‘Transit’ has become a generic term for a van or minibus in the transit vans size bracket.

The very first Ford Transit was made in 1953 and was called the FK1000; it was renamed to the Ford Taunus Transit in 1961, created in Germany this model continued right through to 1965.  The original model looked very much like what we would consider a camper van shape these days.

In 1965 the first proper van styled Transit was designed and built, utilising Fords English and German engineering efforts for the first time. The Transit van differed much in style from the then current mix of European commercial vehicles and contained several ‘American’ styled features and improvements, such as its broad tracks and countless number of body styles and wheelbases.

In 1978 a new face lifted model of the transit van was introduced to the UK, this model was commonly known as the mark2.  One of the largest cosmetic changes happened to the Transit van in January 1986; this change regarded the body shell and its one box design. Meaning, the windscreen and bonnet were both at the same angle, this design has continued right through to present day.

Over the years the Transits design has constantly been updated and improved upon to give the best performance, and with models such as the Ford Transit Connect they will continue to be as popular as ever.

The Limited Edition Ford Transit Sport

Many of you will have heard of the Transit Van, the most popular and practical panel commercial van ever. Its makers, the Ford Motor Group, are celebrating the Transit Vans 45th year of being Britain’s top selling van by releasing a limited edition model.

The limited edition model will be based on the Ford Transit Sportvan, the Sportvan was created in 2006 for customers seeking a much more performance based and streamlined commercial van. The vans themselves are very powerful and contain some very impressive features as standard, they are based upon Ford’s popular 260 short wheel based Transit model which is front wheel drive containing a 140PS 2.2-litre TDCi diesel engine with six-speed transmission.

The limited edition model comes in a wonderful Colorado red colour with white bonnet stripes. Adding to the stunning look of this Ford Transit Sport are a set of 18 inch alloy wheels and a twin exhaust.

The celebratory vans features are not just limited to the outside, several wonderful upgrades and additions have been included inside the cab. Velour trim, air-conditioning, heated mirrors, cruise control and a perimeter alarm are just a few features included as standard. The Ford Transit Sportvan will also be the first of Fords medium sized vans to include a DAB radio as standard.

Should the above still not be enough to give you the ultimate new commercial van then some optional extras are available such as leather trim seating and exterior, satellite navigation with a 5inch screen and LED cargo and daytime running lights.