The New Low-Fat Bentley Continental Supersports

Its good to see that despite the economic downturn that everyone is mumbling about, the United Kingdom is still holding its own in the luxury car market, with the Bentley Motor Company bucking the trend as many other car manufacturers are tightening their belt.

Bentley have redesigned and modified the “Continental” model in race trim for the new GT “Supersports”, put the car on a weight-loss program reducing it down by 110kg and beefed up the suspension and the all-wheel drive transmission is set to 60:40 front to rear, giving more traction to the rear wheels. The engine is boosted by 20bhp to 621bhp which makes for an earth shattering 0-60mph to a mere 3.7 seconds, for a car that weigh’s 2.24 tonnes, that’s amazing!

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Two New Bentleys Hit the Market

Bentley fans everywhere will be pleased to hear about the unveiling for two new Bentleys for the Chinese market. Unfortunately these great cars won’t be available in and UK based Bentley Dealers for now.

These new stylish additions have been designed exclusively for the Chinese market with a special emphasis on a sleek new looking 3 tone interior which creates a stunning visual impact. This artistic approach is apparent in details like the seat belts, floor mats and even on the fine stitching on the steering wheel.

Both cars, the Continental GT Design series China and the Continental Flying Spur Speed China have both been unveiled to the Chinese market at the Auto China Motor Show which started on the April 23rd.

You will also find additional luxury provided by Bentley. In the back of the car you will find custom leather cushions for rear passengers which have been embroidered with the Bentley logo on them.

This exclusive release to China may have something to do with the Chinese market being the third most important to Bentley. Since entering the Chinese market in 2002 sales have grown ten fold in just seven years.

For more images of the Bentley cars released in China check out these links for the Continental GT Design series China and Continental Flying Spur Speed China.

Iconic Sports Cars

The top 10 most iconic sports cars have been revealed and there are some monster machines in he list. The list covers the last 60 years of high performance sport cars that have been long fantasized about by the public and many men the world over.

There are a few names that you would expect in the list to be there Ferrari, Porsche, and Lamborghini and a few surprises in there too. We will have a look at some of these cars in a bit more detail and see why they are the choice of all the people looking for a luxury iconic sports car, as well as what they had brought to the market.

First on our list is the Porsche 911 (to be more specific the 1963 version on the 911). It’s understandable that this car would appear in the list as, it’s curvy body work and playful design has been echoed through the many generations of Porsche from here after. Each model becoming faster and more luxurious yet still remaining true to the curves that Porsche is well known for.

Ferrari is the next giant on the list with the highly sought after 308 GTB. A popular car that got global status thanks to Magnum PI (played by Tom Selleck).  The 308 GTB was a mid engine sports car that caught the attention and hearts of the world. The body work of the car was made from glass-reinforced plastic which made the vehicle lightweight and faster.

Next on the list is the popular Lamborghini Countach. Another mid engine sport car produced by the second Italian automaker on our list. This was one of the first cars that had been designed in a ‘wedge shape’ style, a look that would become highly popular and much admired among many men. With a production of little over two thousand these cars are still highly collectable today and a ‘must have’ item for any sports car collection.

The next car we are going to look at is the Ford Mustang. You might think that it is a bit unusual to see a Ford car in the list as Ford is usually branded as a sport cars. Yet over the years they have managed to produce many cars that have pushed forward the industry and enabled them to stand firm through out the tougher times. The Ford Mustang was produced in the United States of America and is still a highly sought after model, even by today’s standards. The first model of this car came to light as early as the 1960s, yet the model we are talking about here is the 1964 model. This car was to spawn the ‘pony car ‘which is a class of American car which is a sports car/ coupe with long bonnets. This paved way for the Chevrolet Camaro and Chryslers revamped Plymouth. The Mustang remains on of the only ‘pony cars’ to remain true to the original design and concept after 4 decades of development and technological advances.

This completes the short run down of a few of the more popular iconic sports cars that once graced the roads across the globe. Although many of these cars are now in private collections and highly sought after you will still be able to find a nice selection of luxury sports cars like used Aston Martins, pre owned Porsches and cars from second hand Bentley dealerships.

James bond and the Aston Martin pt 1

Every man wants to be him and every woman wants to be with him. We are, of course talking about the thrill seeking double agent himself, Mr. James Bond. Since the beginning of the films in the 1960s James Bond has become an icon of international proportions. Facing danger at every turn, an endless stream of beautiful and exotic women, not to mention the gadgets and all the while making it look stylish and easy. This is part one of a two part look at the important role that the Aston Martin has played side by side by James bond over the last 40 years.

One of the greatest appeals to many men across the globe that want to be like Mr Bond is the cars. It’s easy to see why, with some of the best and fastest vehicles on earth. A consistent appearance has been made by the Aston Martin cars and their appearance has only concreted their place as one of the best and most stylish cars in the world. Sporting a whole host of gadgets that are not found on the standard models, these cars still offer a lifestyle and a persona that to most people is just fantasy.

The 1964 film ‘Goldfinger’ saw the first Aston Martin to make an appearance in the James Bond films and due to it’s over whelming success begun a long and profitable partnership between the two. Sean Connery played the character of James bond and was seen in the now vintage DB9. A stunning car that showed these tidy little sports cars have more to offer than a stunning exterior.

The Aston Martin was to make it’s next appearance in the 1969 film ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’ this time was saw the one and only appearance by George Lazenby as James Bond. The film was based on the 1963 novel by Ian Flemming of the same name we saw Lazenby driving the classic Aston Martin DBS. This was to be another of the Aston Martin greats and with an appearance in a film that was soon becoming an icon this was only going to reinforce Aston Martins place in the most wanted car collection.

This concludes the first part of our James Bond and Aston Martin partnership. The second part will be added shortly

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What some consider to be the three best Porsche sports cars

Porsche is arguably one of the greatest sports cars in production. With a reputation that spans many decades and hoards of loyal followers this article will address what some consider being, the three best Porsche cars to be produced by the giant.

A German based company, Porsche has produced a series of luxury vehicles one after another. Founded in 1931 by Ferdinand Porsche who was an engineer born in Maffersdorf, his vision for a sports car and a gap in the market provided him with the right opportunity to achieve something special. Little did he know that the company would grow and become of one of the great icons of sports car design. Many people prefer the older design of the sports car, yet plenty of people favor the new sleeker and curvy designed cars. No matter what your personal preference is, you can’t argue that the Porsche brand has remained true to its design while being able to evolve and progress with fashion and the styles of the day.

1953-porsche-3561The first car that we are going to look at is the 1953 Porsche 356 American Roadster. Produced in the early 50’s this car was aimed and designed for an American market. Having only produced 16 of these cars, today these cars have become highly collectable and much sought after. The car consists of a 70-horsepower, overhead-valve, air-cooled, flat 4-cylidner, 1,488 cc, engine coupled to a Porsche synchromesh 4-speed gearbox. Obviously in comparison to the standard to today’s sports cars this was very basic, yet the car was well noted for excellent quality, outstanding road handling as well as it quietness.

1976-porsche-911Number two on our top three Porsche cars is the Porsche 911 (964 Series). The introduction of this car in 1989 was very positive. Many people proclaimed this to be the best 911 ever. Porsche produced around 57,000 964s as this was the Porsche to be seen in.  Its sleek and curvy yet heavily styled appearance remained true to the original styling of the Porsche brand yet was re-invented for a new decade.  With a top speed of 163 mph and an air/ oil cooled dry sump lubrication engine as well as electronic fuel injection ignition system and six light alloy head cylinders this car had become a dream machine for many boys growing up in the 90s.

2005-911-carrera-sThe third of our top three is the 2005 Porsche 911 (997) Carrera S. The car is equipped with a 3.6 litre engine available in convertible as well as turbo editions and has become highly sought after. Production began in 2004 and began shipping in 2005. The car was well noted for being able to accelerate to 0-60 mph in 3.6 seconds and having a top speed of 204 mph, the Porsche is evolving to meet the needs and demands of today’s driver. Selling around 100,000 units since it’s introduction its clear to see that the Porsche brand has no desire to fade away anytime soon.

Today the Porsche brand has become a true icon with many recognizable super cars under their belt, yet all of their vehicles still possess that traditional Porsche style. You won’t have to pay out a fortune to become an owner of one of these super cars. You can locate one of these great dream machines at a Porsche Dealership. If looking for a Porsche Dealership Surrey based then click the above links to visit Romans International.

Aston Martin – the British Icon

Aston Martin are responsible for some of the greatest cars to be found in any iconic sports car collection. The Aston Martin can be found in many of the great James Bond films that portray the high performance sports cars out maneuvering the villains and leaving spectators in awe of what’s on show.

So what has made the Aston Martin such an icon over the years, and why has it become the ultimate boys toy? This article will look at a few of the contributing factors that has made the Aston Martin a much sought after luxury item.

It’s easy to understand that the impact the James Bond franchise has had on Aston Martin sales has been truly beneficial. James Bond being a British icon, representing the mans man, leading a lifestyle of beautiful women, money and only the best of what’s on offer. The Aston Martin has been associated with that lifestyle and portrayed on screen as the ultimate dream machine. The car would be put through it paces in each film pushing it harder and faster yet always delivering results, and portrayed as a truly reliable vehicle.

The design of the car is another key element that draws people to own one. The Aston Martin V8 Vantage, DB9, and the Vanquish have all retained the smooth, sleek and curvy design that was associated with the manufactures earlier models such as the DB6, DB4 and the early DB2 which enables the cars design to be unique to that brand. The original design and look of the car represents itself, fashion and style.

With the Aston Martin company moving from various owners over the years the dealership now look stable and ready to move forward. Going from strength to strength and with plans to unveil a new concept vehicle in 2009 coinciding with Aston Martins 100th anniversary the brand looks set to be around for many years to come.

So it seems that the Aston Martin is highly sought after for many reasons. The uniquely designed Aston Martins portray a lifestyle that is seen by many people as the ‘ideal’, by owning one you become part of an elite group that reflects money, style and above all success.  To view obtainable high performance sports cars check out an Aston Martin Dealership and join the elite.