Equip Your Car With The Right Equipment

Making sure that you have the correct equipment whilst driving is very important, it doesn’t matter whether you are travelling a long or short distance, being unprepared for a situation can mean either inconvenience and danger or both. Many motoring suppliers offer differing kits and packs that combine large selections of objects that can come in very handy.

With kits available with everything from emergency equipment through to breakdown and touring collections you can be sure that there will be something that you can buy that will come to good use in your car or van. These types of kits can be invaluable in case of emergency and you may never need to touch one, but having it within easy reach is a very good idea.

European travel kits

When travelling abroad you may find yourself in a country that has differing driver rules to your own country. These could be anything from age requirements, practical procedures and some countries also require you to carry certain documentation. Equipment provided within these kits include, magnetic ‘GB’ plates and Hazard warning stands

Emergency breakdown Kit

Ensuring you have the correct equipment should your car or van breakdown, this can not only help with safety issues but also can help your stress levels in the event. Breakdown kits have everything from high visibility clothing through to tow ropes and warning signs.

First Aid Kit

Every car should have a first aid kit; these types’ kits contain a great deal of items such as bandages, information sheets, emergency blanket and would dressings.

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The Focus Hits Chicago

The Chicago Motor Show has been one of the worlds most important and extravagant car exhibitions since its first showcase back in 1901. Over one million people visit the show each year making it one of the most attended car shows in the world. In 2008 the Chicago Motor show celebrated its 100th show which is a first for any kind of Car exhibition show.

Each year at the Motor Show many motor companies decide to unveil new models or even revamped versions of previous models. This year is certainly no different as the Ford Motor company give car enthusiasts their first glimpse of their Ford Focus electric model. This wonderful, eco-friendly and futuristic car has been dubbed as the car that needs no maintenance by its makers. Sherif Marakby ,the Ford Motors Director was quoted as saying “About all the driver will have to do is charge up the battery pack and go. When you have moving parts, such as the gears in a transmission or the pistons in an engine, you have maintenance. With an electric drive, there are very few moving parts. And in the Focus Electric, the only moving parts are the motor and the wheels”.

The car is reported to have a minimal amount of regular maintenance involved with it, simple steps such as checking tyre pressures, filling up the windscreen wash tank and making sure that windows are as clean as possible is only needed.

This model may seem like a world apart from for example a used Ford Focus Taunton, but each and every Ford Focus is a wondrous buy. Now is the ideal time to test drive one of these new vehicles available from your nearest Ford Dealer Taunton.

Flood Advice this Winter

It seems inevitable that we will be faced with floods again this year, especially if the last few years are anything to go by, but even if we are not, we are still hit with flash flooding and so here is a bit of advice for when you’re driving in your Used Ford Cars to deal with such an event.

It may seem obvious but only drive down flooded roads if you really have to and only if you know the depth of the flood. It only takes an egg cup full of water to get into your cars air intake and ruin the engine. Diesel cars and turbo charged cars seem more susceptible to this kind of damage so bear that in mind too. Engine damage caused by water can be extremely costly if not catastrophic and often aren’t covered in your insurance so allows check your insurance documents before winter arrives.
Whilst going through the flood, drive slowly and be careful not to create a wave either side as you drive. This raises the water and will make it more likely that your engine will get flooded. If you find another car driving towards you and creating a wave then stop and turn your engine off. Once it has passed and the water has levelled you can start the engine and move forward again.

It goes without saying that if you can’t tell how deep the water is and it is getting deeper the further you drive into the flood then back up and try and find an alternative route. Always stay tuned in so you hear where any floods may have occurred whilst you are driving and if you are in an area that is prone to flooding try and park on higher ground to avoid your car sitting in floods. The damage caused could mean the end of your car so if the floods can be avoided then ensure you do

England’s Best Driving Road

It’s difficult to think of good old fashioned driving for the fun of it. Who enjoys taking time out to go for a Sunday drive anymore? With traffic jams, general congestion and a huge increase in volume of cars on the road, often the thought of taking your beloved New Ford Poole car out just for fun seems ludicrous.

Well, it’s not that ludicrous, and believe me there are some amazing roads in England. Ok, so we may not have Route 66 like America has or the Great Ocean Road in Australia to brag about but with England’s rolling countryside, deep valleys and breathtaking coastlines there really are some magnificent journeys to take: just for the fun of it!

A study undertaken by Garmin the satnav manufacturer came up with ten of the best roads in England. The top spot went to the A591 between Keswick and Lake Windermere, in the Lake District. The A82 from Glasgow in Scotland came second followed by the A38 from Exeter in third. Next was the M48 across the Severn Bridge, then the A696 from Newcastle to the Scottish border and then the A3 overlooking the Devil’s Punchbowl in Surrey.

Some of the places that you may not want to take your New Ford Dorset car is London which was voted the worst city to drive in, with the M25 which circles London being voted the worst road. The M6 came second with Birmingham Spaghetti junction, and London’s North Circular closely followed.
So whilst there are some hellish roads there are some that could quite easily put a smile back on your face, try it one Sunday.

What do you look for in a new car?

A new month brings a new number plate and anyone considering trading in their used cars, Taunton will have the new 60 plate which was launched at the beginning of September. Auto Express took to forecourts across the country and asked the general public what they will be looking for with their new car. Take a look at the video for some insights into the market. Ford Dealer Taunton and other dealerships have learnt a lot from the findings, no doubt.

Ford in Electric Car Partnership

Ford motor cars are moving even further into the electric car market. The American motor company has just created a partnership with Portland General Electric to further enhance its progression into this very new and competitive market.

The main concept of this partnership is for the two companies to work together in designing and implementing a charging network within the Oregon area.  The Portland General Electric Company have been at the forefront of this industry for some time and only last month opened the countries first quick charge station, with this in mind Ford have been quick to start this partnership and utilise both companies resources.

Mike Tinskey, manager of Vehicle Electrification and Infrastructure at Ford has spoken about the partnership saying “To support the roll out and acceptance of these vehicles it is important to work with local utilities to make sure the necessary infrastructure and grid capabilities are ready”.

Ford has been quoted as saying that it will be bringing five new electric cars to the market within the next two years. So with this in mind we can be assured of seeing Ford EV Vehicles on UK roads long before we first thought possible. Should you be searching for New Cars Taunton at the moment with the industry advancing so fast you may soon be searching for New Electric cars in Taunton with just as much ease.

So in the very near future when you buy a New Ford Taunton you will undoubtedly be choosing between electric and the traditional types of vehicle depending on your views and budget.

Kim Kardashian damages her Bentley

Nobody likes to damage their car especially when it’s a top of the range Bentley. Kim Kardashian the American socialite who has recently branched into producing, acting and modelling has damaged her black continental GTC Bentley whilst recording scenes for the TV programme Entourage.

It is reported that she failed to slow down whilst driving over speed bumps in LA and has caused almost £17000 worth of damage to her customised platinum bodywork.

The celebrity has had to warn valets across Hollywood that the Bentley continental GTC will make a lot of noise whilst they drive it.

The black all wheel drive supercar has a 12-cylinder, 6-litre, twin-turbocharged engine and features a very spacious interior space and has been Kim’s pride and joy for a long time. The Continental GTC Bentley range has a huge list of amazing extras including heated steering wheels, self levelling wheel badges and hybrid multimedia units.

Bentley Continentals have become very popular with celebrities due to their high performance and luxurious interiors. Bentley owners include Paris Hilton, Jay-z and Xzibit, many others have changed their Aston Martins or Porsches after visiting Bentley Dealers.

With its fantastic charms and exclusive appeal a Bentley Dealership is a place you can expect to see celebrities in on their days off browsing for an addition to their collections.

If you would like to see for yourself why Bentley motorcars have become so popular with everyone then a visit to your closest dealer will certainly suffice and show you the luxury and comforts they possess.